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About BWDG

The Baltimore Washington Development Group is unique among its competitors for its peerlessly aggressive acquisition of properties which regularly achieve as high as 90% gross return on investment on resale or as much as a 30% net capitalization rate on the rental market.

Having both legal and real estate staff in house on the ground in the area allows for a rapid pace of purchase due to the streamlined nature of our transactions. BWDG has purchased over 60% of its current portfolio via private owner sale which has allowed for tremendous return on investment as these properties are regularly obtained for as little as $0.50 on the dollar. On its current pace BWDG projects having a portfolio of more than 300 properties by the end of FY2017.

Gross return on investment on resale 90%
Net capitalization rate on the rental market 30%
BWDG has purchased over 60% of its current portfolio via private owner sale 60%

Transition to the Future

The City of Baltimore is unique for both its potential for growth and its relatively low cost of entry to the market. Baltimore is the largest independent city in the United States and is strategically positioned on I95 between Washington DC and Philadelphia. The city also has a large working port with substantial waterfront area and is home to a a variety of high value companies including UnderArmour and Johns Hopkins. BWDG is in a unique position to dictate the course of major development in the Baltimore over the next decade, building upon its current portfolio in strategic locations which allow us to safely create our own market in areas targeted by the City for future projects such as the Red Line metro.

Building Communities

Success in Baltimore requires an understanding of both the market and the population. By engaging with the community on all levels, BWDG seeks to establish developments that will allow city residents of all income levels to thrive. Our most valuable commodity is our human capital, and by creating permanent jobs and improving economic opportunity in communities BWDG invests directly in the citizens of Baltimore. By providing mixed income and quality affordable housing we are ensuring that neighborhoods maintain their original character and remain inclusive to all residents moving into the future.


BWDG is always searching for well qualified candidates to join our team. We recognize and value professionalism, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. We are currently looking for XXXXXX

EB-5 Investor Visa Program

The United States offers an investor visa program which grants an EB-5 visa to anyone investing 1 million USD in a new venture in the US. Baltimore offers the unique opportunity of being a “targeted investment area” which brings cuts the required investment in half to 500,000 USD. There is an additional requirement that the project create 10 full time jobs, which is easily attainable due to the nature of our business. BWDG offers the fastest and most affordable path to an EB-5 Visa for investors, and our in house legal staff will work with you to facilitate the process. Upon completion of the investment requirements the US will issue the investors, their spouses and children a Greencard.


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